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A Major W. R. LOGAN Production

Updates for 2022?

Joe’s retiring.  Few folks have expressed interest in taking over the still, I mean ride, but nothings been worked out, yet.  So, just check back every so often to see if there has been any progress in finding a suitable replacement and ride details for 22′.

Ride With GPS Event Page with past JCPR routes, along with another 40 or so rides surrounding the immediate Flathead Valley.  All are welcome to join, you just need a Ride With GPS Account to access the page which gives you the ability to download route information.   Info: HERE

One thing for sure is the 2nd edition of the Montana Mixed Epic is happening again.  Mid/Late June ??, 2022.

If you are looking for information on the MONTANA MIXED EPIC, stay tuned. Next years route will start on the Canada/U.S. border in Eureka, MT and head south finishing up on the MT/Idaho border in the vicinity of Bannock Pass.  Information coming sometime in November.  You can check this past springs MME, an 800 mile mixed surface ride/race across (west to east) Montana?   Click – HERE

Each year features a different course, exploring the many diverse geographical areas surrounding Whiteish and the Flathead Valley in the north west corner of Montana, all on dirt. Since each year is different, there will be revised/updated Riders Packet for each version.

JCPR has been Montana’s PREMIER GRAVEL (wink) EVENT, since 2017.  Over the past 5 years, we’ve rolled over 700 miles of the best dirt roads NW Montana has to offer.

Over the years (even before “GRAVEL” was mainstream) we’ve been riding the thousands of miles of roads and single track in North West Montana.  From our adventures we have put together the some of the best tracks that the area has to offer.  So why, spend your time riding the same course twice in a row, or riding the supposed “classic route(s)”, when there is a much better alternative.

The JCPR is really just an excuse to get out and ride some of the best dirt* roads and single track north west Montana has to offer. It’a a low-key affair, everything is in place for you to have a great ride.  After you finish, You will get a home cooked dinner from the Trego Pub (we’ll see if we can get Todd to fire up the smoker), Kalispell Brewing – Joe Cosley India Pale Lager (unlimited refills), and some hugs(not) await you at the finish. Don’t expect any hoopla, prizes and so on, just a fun time with like minded people. Back to the basics, we’ve never run out of beer.

* I could call the JCPR a “Gravel Grinder” but it isn’t really.  After riding a couple 200+ mile “Gravel Grinders” in the Midwest, you can’t really find any comparison between the “Improved DIRT Roads” of the Rockies and the “Crushed LIMESTONE Roads” of the Midwest.  Not to say there aren’t any rough stretches in JCPR, it’s just a different medium to roll on.


If something happens in 2022, it will be by pre registration only.  If you have participated in any of the past 5 JCPR’s, yo will get an email.  Or if you want to get on the list, just email joe@panckaeride.com  All events take place at the Trego Pub and General Store in Trego, MT.

Course Details

If you have ridden any of the past 5 editions of the JCPR, you know that each year there is a new route and theme.

Check back for details concerning the Pancake ride in 2022.

Get the full details at The Race page.


The Pancake ride has always been about having a fun time and offering challenging and unique routes.  While fostering a vibe that keeps you hanging around, drinking beer, till the last finisher.  There’s no privateer profiteering motive for Joe with the Pancake Ride.  The JCPR has always been about an offering of public service and a way to generate monetary funds for local non profits.  If something happens in 22′, there will be a mandatory donation to a local non profit.

What ever happens, there will be Kalispell Brewing- Joe Cosley Inda Pale Lager, snacks, a full dinner provided by the Trego Pub and high fives at the end of the day.


Make this a proper
Montana roadtrip.

Those visiting from afar will find it easy to find enough riding—and other activities—to make a week (or two) of the trip. Check out the trails, activities, restaurants and more in Whitefish and the Flathead Valley at the resources below.

Presenting sponsor

Hosting sponsor

Whitefish Bike Retreat

We are rolling out of the Trego Pub and General Store, It’s in Trego, of course.  That’s about 40 miles north of Whitefish on Highway 93. With excellent food, top notch beer selection, a giant lawn with picnic tables, you can’t go wrong.  Lani and Todd are your host and they are super happy to have you visit.

The Pub is a great hub for exploring the dirt roads of north west Montana.  From T.P. there are over a dozen loops to explore of varying distances.  you are welcome to park at the T.P.  Best of all when you finish your ride, you can have a beer and maybe on of Todd’s home smoked burgers.

Beer sponsor

Kalispell Brewing Company

Kalispell Brewing Company. KBC started the Craft Beer scene in Kalispell.  Providing the seasonal Joe Cosley India Pale Lager, along with their assortment of in house regulars.  There’s surely something to please your taste buds and quench your thirst..

Additional sponsors