140 miles,
15,000’ feet

The Race

Below is a brief rundown of what to expect

We have kept it simple to save space, please download the PARTICIPANT PACKET for a detailed outline

It’s only a race if you want it to be. To be honest it’s an adventure/endurance race on a bike, but again you don’t have to race, you could team up with a couple friends and treat it as a gentlemans ride.  

The entire loop is 140 mile, 15,000’ of up and down, with one checkpoint at mile 70. You have the opportunity to have a drop bag at this location. The Polebridge Mercantile will host the mid point stop and a bear claw pastry from their famous bakery will be included in your participation fee. You may see a few cars, but for the most part you’ll have the roads to yourselves.

There is no on course aid or roaming mechanical support. You are responsible for your own well being and any mechanical mishaps that may occur. You need to be equipped for any inclement weather and or mechanical problems. You will also need to carry enough food to get you through the ride, there are no stops along the course for resupply except Polebridge at mile 70. Potable water is not available on course, you will need to carry some type of purification device, we recommend Steripen. There are dozens of creeks, streams and springs along the route to stop and refill from.

For the most part the roads are graded and improved forest service and state dirt roads, there is a single track section from mile 20.5-28.0 that tops out at the summit of The Whitefish Mountain Resort (Big Mountain) and will be a short amount of pave from miles 2-7 and 140-144.5. There are 2, 10 mile downhill sections that descend about 3000’ and are quite rocky and rough, you’ll be glad when you are at the bottom.

What type of bike should I ride? If you start and finish on a fully qualifying Cino Bike, we will give you an free entry for the rest of your life. For you ass’s best enjoyment either a dirt road bike with nothing under a fat 38c would give you the best chance of finishing or you could ride a 29er spec’d out for dirt road rolling. More on this in the PARTICIPANT PACKET and FAQ.

Please consider the remoteness and difficulty of the ride and your ability in fitness level, mental capacity and mechanical prowess if something on your bike should break. There is minimal cell reception while on course and if you break down, you could be in for a long walk.

Please the FAQ page for more details.

Wildlife preparedness.

Venue Information


e would have to say that The Joe Cosley Pancake Classic, is super lucky to have Cricket Butler, owner of the Whitefish Bike Retreat as the host. The WBR is a full service cycling oriented lodge, located on the outskirts of Whitefish along the the Tour Divide route. The WBR offers lodging, car glamping, tent camping, airport shuttles if you are coming from out of town, general store with eats and bike accessories, showers and much more. For more information, visit the Whitefish Bike Retreat.

Everything Joe Cosley related will take place at the WBR. This means that registration/check in, pre race briefing, the ride will start and finish at the WBR, consumption of pancakes and pork products, beer, whiskey, awards ceremony and goodbyes.