The Ride

Below is a brief rundown of what to expect

Registration information for the Pancake Ride, Bootlegger’s Series, v.1, hosted by Birdie Brown and Gavinia Gilman on July 9, 2022 is available. AFTER you have read through information about this years ride, click here to donate (suggested). Please view the routes for this year, and make sure you are up for the adventure. The event format has been simplified, so that everything will be taken care of online.

Super great route this year! Back to the Salish Mountain Range, sticking to the north end, featuring some hidden gems that are sure to turn your crank.

The ride is limited to 50 individuals. Once the participant cap is reached, that’s it. There will be no wait list, or substitutions.

This years ride supports the Nate Chute Foundation, a non profit suicide prevention resource in the Flathead Valley. A $50.00 suggested donation or whatever your pocket book can spare, will get you on the start list for “Montana’s Premiere Gravel Event”. The above link will take you to a donation page. Once you complete the donation process, a confirmation email will be sent to the Pancake Ride. Upon receipt, your name will be added to the participant list.

Your donation is non-refundable.

All information concerning the ‘22 ride will be communicated electronically. Waivers, final route files and general information will be emailed out several weeks after the registration process starts or the participation limit is reached.

Show up at the Trego Pub ready to ride, sign in and you’re off. Start time is promptly at Civil Twilight – 5:05AM

Camping (car, van, tent) is available at the Trego Pub, $10.00, per night, per person. You’re welcome to show up on Friday, sign in and take care of ride oriented stuff.

If, when there are any general updates, route changes, there will be a heads up on the Pancake Ride social media sites and an email to folks that have signed up.

Doing things a bit different at the aid stations this year. Since everyone has there own preferences for types of calories they like to consume, we are going to move to a “Drop Bag” style aid station. You will be provided a 2 Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bag. No personal drop bags, boxes or tube socks. You can put whatever you would like in the Zip Loc Bag and it will be waiting for you at the aid station. Finish with what you started with. The P.R. Crew is not responsible for personal items left at the aid station.

The Aid Station will have an assortment of Skratch Labs products, water and maybe a few treats. Do not rely on the community offerings at the Aid Station to supply you with enough calories to get you through the ride.

Aid Stations placements haven’t been set yet 100% yet. Tenatively; Short option should see one at mile 40 and 70. Long course, 40,80 and 120.

You must sign in the morning of the ride, each aid station and at the finish so we know you made it.

There will be a pickle jar for donations that specifically support the inner workings of the Pancake Ride at the sign in. If you like the Pancake Ride and you would like to see it continue, consider a donation. Donations will cover various cost associated with managing the event. These would include such cost as, Port-a-Potties, website hosting, finish line cold drinks, aid station supplies, and other associated cost with putting the event on. Nobody makes any money off the Pancake Ride, It’s entirely a love affair supported by local volunteers, supporting local non profits.

The Trego Pub will once again provide a gathering place for the ride. There will be camping available. An afternoon meal special from the Pub. Since this is a donation based event, food from the Pub is not included. However it is encouraged that you support the Trego Pub and purchase a post ride meal. Lani and Todd are kind enough to provide their home and facilities to host the Pancake Ride. Do your best to return the hospitality and support them by patronizing their establishment. By having a donation based event, it just makes things much simpler from an organizational standpoint. You’ll still get the great Montana hospitality you’ve come to expect from Lavinia, Berdie and the P.R. Crew. Just none of the extras like commemorative aprons, hats, post ride meal, smorgasbord aid stations and so on.

You can still count on beer from Kalispell brewing Company to help rehydrate you after the ride.

V.6 long course distance will go back up to traditional 150 mile range and 90 for the short route. Both routes share the same opening 40 miles and the last 20.

Long Course

Route File at Ride with GPS

The long course will have the support of one aid station that you will pass twice, a resupply option at the Kookanusa Marina (convienence store with a restaurant lunch menu if you feel like you have the time), and I’m sure you will see Mike Meador and the Glacier Cyclery Van at an undisclosed location.

The first 10 miles out of the Pub is paved, with a minimal stint on the highway and the obligatory stop at the Conoco for a Power Ball ticket.

There will be a 23 mile section of pavement, starting at mile 82. This section follows the highway along the east shore of Kookanusa Reservoir. It’s a rolling affair with no net elevation loss or gain. Great views, minimal traffic.

There will be two sections of single track this year. A short one mile section used as a connector between two roads. A six mile section that takes you to the top of McQuire Mountain Lookout, highest point in the Salish Range. It’s approximately 4 miles of up and 2 miles of down. I would say these sections are the crux of the ride. The one mile section is a short up and then flat/down. It’s rideable, but a bit rough. The track up to McQuire is rideable and the down is also.  It all depends on your ability and gear choices.  Details in the riders info packet.

Short Course

Route File at Ride with GPS

The short and long course share the first 40 miles and also the last 20 miles of each route respectively. So you have 10 miles of country roads at the beginning, 70 miles of primo forest service roads in the middle including the 6 miles of single track up to McQuire Mountain/Lookout, then down. One aid station and the Glacier Cyclery crew somewhere along the way. 4 miles of smooth rolling tarmac to get you back to the pub.

Please note RWGPS Road Surface Types designations are not 100% correct.

A few details

Full route determines the Ladies and Men’s Montana State Gravel Champions.*

You can pedal any type of bike you would like as long as it not pedal assist or has a throttle.

*To qualify for the Title of Montana Gravel Champion, you need to be on a bike that has drop bars, have been a resident of Montana for one year prior to the event date and hold a valid Montana Public Library Card.

In a nut shell, expect the following:

To be clear, this is a zero support ride. I know that statement is  contradictory per the Aid Station(s), but just trying to say “come  prepared.” There is no sag or mechanical support. No one bringing up the rear.

You will be provided a start time, and a route.

That’s all you get. From the time you start until the time you return to the finish, you are on your own.

It’s 100% up to you to take full responsibility for yourself. This includes having a bike that is in excellent working order and knowing how to fix it if something goes wrong. Don’t forget your own personal well being, mental and physical preparedness.

Have a well thought out plan for the ride and any emergency situations that could arise.

The routes take you through remote backcountry areas. Please be aware that there is the possibility of encountering numerous species of wildlife on your ride. Here is an informational link to help you understand and prepare for a possible bear encounter. Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks also has some great educational material on the their website.

That’s it. Hope to see you at the Trego Pub on July 9th.