the rules

Rule #1

Have fun, don’t be an asshole.

frequently asked questions

What is the Joe Cosley Pancake Ride?

The JCPR is a 100+ mile solo, self-supported, endurance & adventure bicycle ride. The ride will utilize less traveled dirt roads, singletrack and some pavement in the northwest corner of Montana. Based out of the Whitefish Bike Retreat in Whitefish.

Can I use a GPS?

Yes, you should. The course is unmarked. We will provide you with a gpx file, as will cue cards and a rudimentary map. If you want a better map, you can purchase one through the Flathead National Forest.

Should I use a GPS unit, phone with a GPS program, or something similar?

It is highly recommended that you use a GPS device and download the course onto your device. It is also suggested that you carry a paper map as a back up. Also note question #2.

When is the riders meeting/registration packet pick up?

Friday, July 28, 2017 at the Whitefish Bike Retreat, starting at 5pm. This will be a great time to meet other participants and have a pre ride soda.

Are there any aid stations along the course?

No, this is an adventure ride in the spirit of Joe Cosely. You will have access to creeks and water along the route. Have a few dollars cash for the Polebridge Mercantile located just outside of Glacier Park on the ride route if things get shady.

Drop Bags?

Since there are no aid stations or support crews on the course, we will be offering a drop bag service at the halfway point/mile 70. This will be at the Polebridge Mercantile.

Will the the course be marked?

No, thus suggested GPX files to be uploaded.

Will there be beer at the Joe Cosley Pancake Ride?

Yes, at the finish, and whatever you are willing to carry along the way!

Will there be food at the finish Joe Cosley Pancake Ride?

Yes, Pigs in a Blanket and Cole Slaw. So, for you non-Montana’s, that would be a Pancake wrapped around some type of swine byproduct. “Montana Edition.” It’s all natural and homemade, so it will be good.

Are entries refundable or transferable?

No. $50.00 is pretty cheap, and we are looking to cover events cost that include, food and beverages, website and hosting fees, federal/state/local insurance fees, USAC club cost, etc. If the ride stays in the black, swag and transfers will be a possibility for future editions.


Yes, at the finish at the Whitefish Bike Retreat. Swanky, trust us.

Will I see any wildlife while on the ride?

Yes, I’m sure you will see a Chipmunk or two. However, there are a few mammals that reside in the forest and rural areas of northwest Montana. These would include moose, mountain lions, black bears, elk and grizzly bears. For more information visit Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Is the JCPR a race?

No, not necessarily. You can race it and win some accolades from your peers. Or you can take your time and make it an adventure ride. Or you can make it a Gents ride with your friends. Ultimately, you can ride in whatever style you choose, it’s up to you, just know it will be EPIC.

What’s the course like?

It will be different each year. It could be a 140 mile loop with 15k of climbing, It could be a 200 mile loop with 8k of climbing, it could be 180 miles of rollers…each year there will be a specific course description.

This year I am throwin’ down with a crazy route, all the best views, huge climbs, 4k of climbing to the top of The Big Mountain right from the start, panoramic views, Bear Claws at the Polebridge Mercantile, Powerball Tickets…

What’s the best tire choice?

That is dependent on the course. Minimum recommendation would be nothing less than a 38c. Tire size is matched to the worst section on any given course. The narrower you go, the more of a chance you have of flatting or damaging your ride. So, it’s really up to you on what you think you can get away with, and how many extra tubes you want to carry.

What kind of bike should I pedal?

That’s another “up to you” choice. What are you the most comfortable on? All courses will predominately take place on dirt roads, perhaps a bit of singletrack (mellow) and some pavement (depending on the course, but expect a bit in all cases). So, a dirt road, road, cyclocross, mountain…I’d say a drop bar type of bike would be the best choice and all routes are designed on this bike type.

The JC Pancake Ride looks to be a challenge for me. Is there a shorter version?

There is only one set route. However there will be alternate routes listed if you may choose to shortcut the route for whatever reason. If you deviate from the course you will be given a DNF, but you should still stick around the Whitefish Bike Retreat for beer and pigs in a blanket.

What is a DNF?

Did Not Finish.

Why do only the overall 1st place female and male receive recognition?

There is only one first place and second place is like last place. Really though, if you come to participate, give yourself a pat on the back, you took the first step. If you still want public recognition, there will be an official finisher’s list, in order, with times posted for future reference.

Is there a time limit on finishing the ride?

No, I’ll wait around with a beer in hand when you cross the finish. Twilight 5:31, Sunrise 6:08am, Sunset is at 9:20pm, Twilight 9:57pm so that’s roughly 15 hours and 11 minutes of direct sunlight. In order to finish in 15:11, you need to average 9.23mph. Please be realistic with your fitness level and ability to ensure you can complete the course. If you think you will be out after dark, you will need the proper equipment to legally be on the road. Tail and headlight required.

Now get registered.