Who Inspired Us

Joe Cosley, Outlaw Legend

In case you were wondering who Joe Cosley is…

It would be safe to say that Joe would despise eating waffles as a hardman, saying “waffles are for pansies”, or “friends don’t let friends roll on anything less than a 40c”, “pave, what’s that?” Mountain men eat pigs in a blanket and chase it down with whiskey. Everybody has a bit of a scofflaw in them.

We have created, what we think will take you on an epic journey through the mountains of northwest Montana based out of the idyllic mountain hamlet of Whitefish. There are literally, thousands of miles of Forest Service, State and County dirt roads to ride.  Each year we change it up, treating you to the best the area has to offer.  Sure there are some “standard” routes that everybody rides, but why settle for a “standard” route.  You can ride those on your own, any time.

Each year will showcase a new course, exploring the roads and towns less traveled in northwest Montana. We have put together a par course that is off the charts in oh so many ways. It’s centered around the Whitefish Range, with a moderate amount  of climbing, panoramic mountain top vistas and views of The Crown of the Continent, buttery smooth dirt roads and few sections that will shake your gold fillings out of your molars(they are super short). Next year…???

The JCPR is meant to prosper a good time by all, develop friendships, talk about bikes, fun times, and bring the local bike community together and welcome those from out of town and showing them some down right bar hopping hospitality. Don’t forget the whiskey!