Big Mac attack and some golden, salty fries.

The JCPR is offering a “drop box” service in Polebridge at the 72 mile point.  Few rules to abide by if you are going to use this service:

  • A couple folks volunteered to help out and make the trip to Polebridge to greet you with smiles and a hug.  Be nice to them and they do accept tips.  The JCPR is still considered a fully self supported adventure ride/race.
  • The Polebridge crew will be at the Mercantile from about 11am til about 2pm.  So if you are fast or on the leisurely side, you may not see your box or there may be no one there to give it to you.
  • Your drop box can be no larger than a shoe box that would fit a pair of tennis shoes. No boot boxes, no bags….
  • If you have a drop box that you would like to be transported to Polebridge, you will need to have it at the pre ride meeting on Friday.
  • If you don’t make it to the Merc before the help leaves, your drop box will be left in an obvious spot (specifics at the pre ride meeting) somewhere at the Merc.
  • Please don’t add anything to your drop box that has any personal value and you would like returned.  Boxes will be recycled and unused contents will be discarded in an appropriate manner.  Your drop box will not be taken back to the Whitefish Bike Retreat.

Big Mac Attack!!

That should cover it.  Pick your contents wisely.