Head phones are out, but Bear Deterrent Spray is suggested.

A while back I asked, “Is your name Hugh Glass” …

I’m not that tough.

I’d like to think that everyone is bear aware, but I’m afraid not.  It is suggested that you carry a can of Bear Deterrent spray, and have it readily accessible. So where and how should I carry my can of Bear deterrent Bear Spray?

Up front and easy to grab and fire. A Oveja Negro Snack Bag is the perfect way to carry your spray.  Werner Peak Lookout from mile 141 of the JCPR route.

I’ve seen people carry their can of Bear Deterrent Spray in their frame bag, back jersey pocket, water bottle cages and a few other unique places, and some none at all.  Not to say that someplace is not better than no place at all, but why mess with fate.  Personally I’d rather have it at my finger tips.

Oveja Negro make a handle bar snack bag the “Chuckbucket”, which is great for carrying a can of Bear Deterrent Spray and you still have plenty of room to carry a bunch of snacks also.

On last Sundays training ride we stopped for a bit on top of Werner Peak and chatted with some friends a bit, who had bike packed from town to spend the night in the lookout.  Some time after we left a couple grizzly Bears showed up for a cool off session in  a couple remaining patches of snow on the access road to the lookout.

Two Grizzlies staying cool in the summer heaton 09/10/2017, below the lookout. Photo courtesy of Chuck Gailey.  Taken with a cell phone at full zoom.

Please be bear aware, HERE is some info and HERE

It’s been said numerous times through out this website, Facebook Post, Riders Packet that the JCPR is a Adventure Ride/Race and and you are solely responsible for your own self and well being.  It travels through remote terrain with no cell service and inaccessible terrain by motor vehicles. You are really on your own.

Here is a recent article about a Grizzly Bear Encounter.

Please consider carrying some Bear Deterrent Spray.

Heads up, Joe